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Smurfs Happy Meal Toys (McDonald’s, 2011)

In 2011 the stars on the 1950 Belgian comics and 1980 animated cartoon TV series, hit the big screen for their first movie. As is their custom, McDonald’s celebrated this family film by releasing Smurf toys in their Happy Meals in the U.S., Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Australia (each country had a slightly different variation). This particular set featured 12 Smurfs:
-Grouchy Popcorn Walker (Grouchy underneath a bag of popcorn)
-Singing Harmony (Harmony playing a guitar)
-Vanity in Love (holding a mirror)
-Smurfette Hair Care (she came with a brush)
-Clumsy’s Magic Wand (holding a wand)
-Papa’s Potion (came with a cauldron)
-Hefty Weight Lifter (holding a weight)
-Dizzy Baker (sitting on a top)
-Brainy’s Toaster (with a toaster)
-Gutsy Dancer (he danced)
-Jokey’s Surprise Box (holding a gift)
-Greedy for Smurfberries (has a smurfberry on his foot)