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Blood Type Diet (late 1990s)

Another fad diet, the Blood Type Diet suggests that according to your blood type, there is a distinct diet out there that is perfect for you. The consensus among doctors, dieticians and scientists is there is
no scientific facts to back up this diet theory. The theory says that each blood type has a different evolutionary heritage. The book, written by Peter J. D’Adamo says that blood type O is considered the ancestral blood group. Therefore your diet should resemble the high animal protein diets of the hunter-gatherer era. If you have an A blood type, you should be practicing vegetarianism since this blood type evolved after humans settled into agrarian societies. The B blood type benefits from dairy consumption because the blood type originated from nomadic tribes. The AB blood type is an intermediate diet between A and B diets.

It should be mentioned (again) that there is no scientific and/or clinical evidence to back up any claims of this diet.