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Wok With Yan (CBC, 1980)

Wok with Yan was a Chinese cooking show that starred Stephen Yan and aired on CBC from 1980 to 1982. Wok with Yan was shot in Vancouver and syndicated internationally to the U.S., the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the Caribbean. In the early 90s, Yan returned for a second edition. In each episode, Yan would wear a different apron with a pun of the word “wok.” Examples included: “Wok & Roll,” “Wok Around the Clock,” “You Are Wok You Eat” and more. Yan frequently smattered spontaneous one-liners during tapings. At the beginning of the episode, Yan was shown in a vignette traveling to vacation spots around the world. An audience member (chosen by a ticket draw) would come up and eat with him at the end of each show.