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Pop Up Video (VH1, 1996-2012)

Pop Up Video was a VH1 produced TV
show that had “pop up” bubbles over
music videos. These pop ups were called “info nuggets” and contained trivia regarding the recording artist, the production of the video and random facts inspired by the video’s theme or video’s concept. Each episode of Pop Up Video contained five music videos — at least one new, an old, a classic and a campy video. The film crew of the videos would be interviewed by the show for accuracy.

Pop Up Video debuted October 27, 1996 and for a short while (until overtaken by Behind the Music in 1998) was VH1’s highest-rated show. Originally, Pop Up Video ran for 6 seasons, ending on August 8, 2002. In October 2011, VH1 revived the show for an additional two seasons — from October 31, 2011 to September 2012. In total, 209 episodes of Pop Up Video were produced.