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Yo-Yo Water Ball

Yo-Yo Water Balls were supposed to be a safe alternative to the plastic or hard wooden yo-yos. The Yo-Yo Wonder Ball was a brightly colored squishy ball filled with (harmless) water.

However, there were numerous problems with this “safer” toy. Firstly, the squishy balls were attached to bungee cords that snapped back and could take out an eye and pose a choking hazard, which actually happened numerous times. The “water” that was inside wasn’t actually water at all. It was a potentially toxic highly flammable liquid.

Yo-Yo Water Balls were quickly banned in Canada, France, Australia, Brazil and the UK. They have been banned in some U.S. states and aren’t easy to find from major retailers like Wal-Mart, Toys’R’Us and the like.