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Wiseguy (CBS, 1987-1990)

Wiseguy was an American crime drama that aired on CBS from September 16, 1987 to December 8, 1990 (4 seasons and 75 episodes). Wiseguy was filmed in Vancouver, but set in Los Angeles. Ken Wahl starred as Vinnie Terranova, a deep cover operative for the (fictional) Organized Crime Task Force division of the FBI. Jonathan Banks played superior officer Frank McPike while Jim Byrnes was Daniel Burrroughs, Vinnie’s field assistant. Wahl left after the third season and was replaced by Steven Bauer. Bauer played a former United States Attorney Michael Santana who had recently been disbarred. Wahl left over a dispute with CBS executives over the direction of the show. Each season featured a different story arc. Wiseguy spent a lot of time on the mechanics of deep undercover work and the consequences of a person’s actions.

In 1996, ABC produced a reunion movie with Wahl, Banks and Byrnes. Only Season 1 of Wiseguy is available for purchase in Region 1 (North America), while all four seasons have been released in Region 4 (Central and South America, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and much of Oceania).