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Drop Crotch Pants (2000s)

This fad has many, many, MANY detractors. In 2012, drop crotch pants were all over the runways of men’s fashion shows. They were soon sported on the realway of everyday men, women and even children.

Not all drop crotch pants are created equal. The term refers to any pant where the inseam ends at a lower point on the leg than of traditional pants, yet has enough material to wrap around your waist. Drop crotch pants come in a variety of fabrics and lengths and are even seen in formal wear. Drop crotch pants do not guarantee that your underwear of butt will be visible to the general public, though that often seems to be the case.

Whether you love them or hate them, revere them for their comfort or revile them for their sloppiness, drop crotch pants are literally everywhere.