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Legend of a Cowgirl Imani Coppola (Columbia, 1997)

In 1997 Legend of a Cowgirl peaked at #36 on the Hot 100. Airplay and sales were good, but what really made this song by American rapper, singer/songwriter Imani Coppola a hit was its music video. In the UK, Legend of a Cowgirl peaked at #32. Despite the critical acclaim of her debut, Chupacabra, Coppola was dropped in 2000. This shelved the release of her follow-up album, Come and Get Me…What?! Undeterred, she went the independent route, releasing 11 albums. Her most recent album was The Glass Wall (2012).

In 2007 she was signed to S-Curve Records as part of the band Little Jackie which has released three albums. Their most recent was Queen of Prospect Park in 2014.