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Let Me Go, Lover! Joan Weber (Columbia, 1955)

Once upon a time a song called Let Me Go, Devil! existed about alcoholism. It was rewritten by Jenny Lou Carson and Al Hill as Let Me Go, Lover! and performed by popular American singer Joan Weber. She performed the song on the TV show Studio One and it quickly caught the public’s attention. Let Me Go, Lover! quickly ascended to the top of all Billboard’s music charts, which in those days were the Disc Jockey chart, the Best Seller chart and the Juke Box chart. Let Me Go, Lover! sold over a million copies and was certified Gold.

Somewhat unfortunately for Weber during this time she was pregnant and, at the height of her burgeoning career, she gave birth to her daughter. Unable to promote (her husband assumed total control over her activities), she was dropped by Columbia and Let Me Go, Lover! was her only chart appearance.

During her final years, Weber became a recluse and moved into a mental institution. On May 13, 1981, Weber died of heart failure at that Ancora, New Jersey institution. She was 45 years old. Even in death, the poor woman couldn’t catch a break. Her death was overshadowed by the first assassination attempt of Pope John Paul II.