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I Was a Zombie for the F.B.I. (Penczner Productions, 1982)

This B movie is a black-and-white science fiction film directed by Marius Penczner and filmed by students
from Memphis State University (now called the University of Memphis). I Was a Zombie for the F.B.I. was inspired by the science fiction films of the 1950s and had a production budget of $27,000. That was the money that Penczner pocketed from his Emmy Award winning short film.

After landing by Pleasantville, U.S., the aliens try to convince two Earthling criminals to help them rule the world. The aliens hypnotize humans by putting them into a “zomboid state” and unleash a reptilian creature. Two FBI agents fight against the aliens, creature, criminals and ultimately world domination.

Zombie starred Larry Raspberry, James Raspberry and John Gillick. Zombie isn’t without a cult (or celeb) following. Singer Bob Dylan, actor Dennis Hopper and bands ZZ Top and The Everly Brothers are all fans. Dylan has even gone so far as to state he wished he could’ve starred in the film! Zombie was made available on DVD in 2005.