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Don’t Say You Love Me M2M (Atlantic, 2000)

Written and recorded by Norwegian teen pop group M2M, Don’t Say You Love Me was featured on the soundtrack to Pokemon: The First Movie. Two versions of the song — and music video — exist. Since Pokemon was a G rated movie, some (minor) lyric variations were necessary. One version of the video featured movie scenes. Their debut album, Shades of Purple contained the un-edited version. (The other music video showed the girls, Marion and Mant, at a drive in with images of themselves on the screen, above.)

The girls have known each other since age 5. “M2M” came from a contest held for their fans to give them a new name. Don’t Say You Love Me hit #2 in their native Norway, #4 in both Australia and New Zealand. In the U.S., it hit #21. The song has been certified Gold in both the U.S. and Australia.

In 2002, the girls released their follow-up album, The Big Room. It was a more mature, less pop-oriented album that was critically well received. The album’s first single, Everything hit #6 in Norway, #27 in Australia and #44 in New Zealand. Despite a worldwide promotion, sales for The Big Room did not take off and while on tour with American singer Jewel, M2M was dropped by Atlantic. They have both gone on to solo careers.