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Lipstick (Paramount, 1976)

Lipstick was an American rape and revenge
drama that starred real-life sisters Margaux and Mariel Hemingway and Chris Sarandon, former husband of actress Susan Sarandon.

Margaux stars as model Chris McCormick. Sarandon plays Gordon Stuart, a music
composer and full-time music teacher. Mariel is Chris’ 13-year-old sister, Kathy. Stuart ends up
at Chris’ apartment to share some of his music with her, which he’d love her to use in her ad campaigns for the lipstick she models. After she rejects him and his advances, he violently rapes her. Kathy walks in on the tail end of it, but doesn’t realize it’s a rape and sneaks away unnoticed. After the ordeal, Chris calls the police and Stuart is arrested. Unfortunately he is later acquitted. Chris and Kathy move to Colorado. Guess who is also in Colorado. Yep, Stuart. He then rapes Kathy. Not trusting the police any longer, how does Chris seek revenge?

The film brought Paramount over $8.3 million.