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Glo Worm (Hasbro Playskool, 1982)

Glo Worm was a stuffed toy for young children. The worm had a plush body that wore pajamas. When you squeezed it, a battery-powdered device in its body would light up the vinyl head, which created a glow.

Glo Worms were so successful and popular with
sleeping children of the 1980s that Hasbro introduced a sideline of books, night lights, videos and Glo Friends. Glo Friends were other pajama-clad insect friends (snails, firefly, grasshopper, spider, turtle, butterfly and more).

Glo Worms are still available, though much less popular. In 2005, Glo Worms were criticized for actually harming children. The plastic heads are softened with phthalates, which can be dangerous if swallowed.