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El Deafo (Amulet, 2014)

CeCe Bell is an American children’s book author and illustrator. During her
childhood, she had to grow up deaf. She wanted hearing people to have a handbook so they could understand and be able to communicate with deaf people without being disrespectful. This handbook ended up being a graphic novel, El Deafo. Bell chose to represent people as rabbits because growing up, she felt like the only rabbit whose ears didn’t work. The title El Deafo is based on the fact that with the aid of her Phonic Ear, which helped her to hear her teachers, she felt like a superhero.

El Deafo’s main character is Cece Bell herself and all she wants is to be normal and have a real friend who can love and appreciate her true self. Does she find that friend?

In 2015, El Deafo won a Newbery Medal.