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Full Throttle (Coca-Cola, 2004)

It used to be that if you needed a liquid pick-me-up that you’d turn to coffee. However, after the new millennium, youth decided plain coffee wasn’t enough and soon energy drinks were born. Full Throttle was
Coke’s contribution to the marketplace. Full Throttle’s line was introduced in 2004 and at its peak included the original formulation, Unleaded (essentially sugar-free versions), Sugar Free Full Throttle Fury, Blue Agave, Mother and Coffee (three flavors — Caramel, Vanilla and Mocha). At this point only Original Full Throttle and Blue Agave still exist though they are hard to find in certain markets.

It wasn’t the taste; most consumers have nothing but positive things to say, even claiming to prefer Full Throttle over the taste of the competition. Ah, the competition…when talking about energy drinks, most people think of Monster Energy, which has 34 different drinks under their brand name and the most popular selling energy drink, Red Bull. In 2013, Red Bull sold over 5 billion cans.