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Gloves (1980s)

In 1980, pop star Michael Jackson saw a Hollywood editor handling film while wearing a single white glove. (The editor was keeping smear marks off the film.) When Jackson was diagnosed with early-stage Vitiligo, a disease that strips away the skin’s pigment, it first started to affect his hands and arms. Apparently, we can thank that editor for Jackson sporting the single white glitter glove. The one-glove look from Jackson is said to have first appeared in 1983 while he was performing on “Motown 25,” an NBC TV special. Actually, Jackson had been sporting a single glove since the late 70s on his tours. But, the single glove became an iconic look after his “Motown 25” performance.

While Jackson was sporting rhinestone gloves, other pop stars, notably Billy Idol and Madonna were wearing fingerless gloves. Idol often wore a leather fingerless glove on his right hand while Madonna wore a pair of lace fingerless gloves. Gloves were able to transcend musical genres to become a true 80s fashion statement.