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Hong Kong Phooey (ABC, 1974)

Hong Kong Phooey was an animated Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning ABC TV series. It ran for 16 episodes from September
7 to December 21, 1974.
It parodied the 1970s kung
fu TV series and movies. Penrod “Penny” Pooch (voiced by Scatman Crothers) is a janitor at a police station. Each episode began with Rosemary (Kathy Gori), the telephone operator, getting a call. As she explained the crime to Sergeant Flint (Joe E. Ross), Penny would jump into a magic filing cabinet to become Hong Kong Phooey. Thanks to his “Phooeymobile,” his book “The Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu” and his striped cat Spot (Don Messick), Penny would prevail. Crothers sang the show’s theme song, Hong Kong Phooey.