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Baby Take Me Into Your Arms Jefferson (Pye, 1970)

Geoffrey Turton was born in March 1944 in Birmingham, England. In 1961, he was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the cover band The Rockin Berries. They had a number of European and UK hits. In 1968, the Rockin Berries broke up. Turton went on to a solo career under his own name. His debut single, Don’t You Believe It for Piccadilly Records, was a flop. His debut single as Jefferson, Montage, flopped again. The follow-up, Color of My Love was a UK hit (#22). The third single, Baby Take Me Into Your Arms was an American hit (#23). Off the single’s success, an American album was released.

At this time, Turton was injured in a car accident, stalling his career at home in England. After a six-month recuperation, he toured the U.S. and won a recording deal with Polygram Records.

In the late 1970s, he reunited with the Rockin Berries. They toured until the 1990s. He also did solo tours during this time. In 2001, Castle Records released an album of previously unreleased Turton/Jefferson material.