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I Want You Shana (Vision, 1990)

Shana Petrone was born in Park Ridge, Illinois in May 1972. She released her debut album, I Want You in 1989. It peaked at #165 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album chart. In 1990, her debut single, I Want You peaked at #40 on the Hot 100; #5 on Canada’s Dance chart. Her follow-up single, You Can’t Get Away peaked at #82 on the Hot 100.

Shana disappeared from mainstream music until 1998. She came back and released three country singles with Epic Nashville. Heaven Bound reached #60 on Billboard’s Country chart. This Time hit #45 on the Country chart (#66 on Canada’s Country chart) and Something Real hit #66 on Billboard’s Country chart. For some reason, her country album was never released.

She continues recording country music, but is no longer signed to a major label.