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Major Matt Mason (Mattel, 1960)

Major Matt Mason was a Mattel action figure. He was an astronaut that worked and lived on the moon. He had a crew of four. (Mason has a dark brown crew cut and wore white.) Sgt. Storm had blond hair and wore red. Doug Davis had brown hair and a yellow suit. Lt. Jeff Long was African-American and wore blue. Each figurine had a removable helmet that were based on early NASA helmets. Unfortunately Mason figurines were susceptible to breakage at the elbow, knee or hip joints.

Four aliens (Captain Lazer, Callisto, Scorpio and Or) were later introduced as the Mason crew took on more of a general science fiction theme. In the 1970s, when interest in the space program was declining, the Mason crew were sent to retirement. Today, the crew is a boon for collectors when they can find them in mint condition.