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Mr. Pibb (Coca-Cola,, 1973)

In 1972, Coca-Cola introduced a soft drink called “Peppo.” Early the next year, it was renamed Dr. Pibb. Dr. Pepper (rather Pepsi) sued Coke over the name and it became Mr. Pibb late in 1973. The funny thing is Mr. Pibb was indeed created to compete against Dr. Pepper, but the products were too similar to each other. In 1980, Mr. Pibb was reformulated and featured “New Taste” on the product and
in its promotions.

Technically, Mr. Pibb still exists, in a different flavor and under a different(ish) name. In 2001, Pibb Xtra hit the market, with added cinnamon flavor. Today, Pibb Xtra is an artificially flavored spicy cherry soda soft drink. In 2011, two flavors of Pibb Xtra were made available for Coke Freestyle machines — Pibb Xtra Cherry and Pibb Xtra Cherry-Vanilla. Pibb Zero is also now available.