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It’s Your Move (NBC, 1984-1985)

You may not have heard of this American sitcom, but the next roles that most of the main cast went on is what they’re best known for. It’s Your Move was not your typical sitcom. The show was known for its clever humor and witty writing rather than “family-friendly” plots. It’s Your Move was more Simpsons than Full House..

It’s Your Move revolved around 14-year-old Matthew Burton (played by a teen Jason Bateman). He, his mom (Caren Kaye) and sister (Tricia Cast) lived in a Van Nuys, California apartment. Matthew, along with his best friend Eli (Adam Sadowsky) ran a lot of scams, such as selling term papers, exam keys and even blackmail. His mother Eileen could not see his faults. As a widow she was too busy living it up. However his sister Julie and neighbor Norman (David Garrison) were perfectly able to see Matthew for what he was. Norman ends up dating Eileen and Matthew is horrified that his mother has fallen for someone so beneath her and sets out to sabotage the relationship. But, Norman is Matthew’s match and foils plot after plot. The cast was wounded out with Ernie Sabella as their landlord and Garrett Morris as Matthew’s principal.

Bateman, of course, went onto a successful movie career and star on the TV series Arrested Development. Cast went on to a regular (then recurring) role on the soap Young & the Restless as Nina Webster. Sabella went on to a short-lived role on Perfect Strangers as Donald Twinkacetti. (Not familiar with Perfect Strangers? What about The Lion King? He voiced Pumbaa.) Garrison’s next role would be on a little show entitled Married…with Children as Steve Rhoades. Morris was fresh off Saturday Night Live and went on to a successful movie/TV career, currently serving on Two Broke Girls.

Though It’s Your Move only lasted 18 episodes and 1 season, it did not hurt the casts’ careers in any way! Note: It’s Your Move had to compete against Dynasty in the same time slot. The series creators and executive producers Michael G. Moye and Ron Leavitt were so enamored and behind It’s Your Move that they would take the series concept and re-packaged it. They took it to Fox and had a show that ran for an astounding 11 seasons (or 259 episodes) and became Fox’s longest-lasting live-action sitcom. Yeah, this little show was called Married…with Children.