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Vega$ (ABC, 1978-1981)

Vega$ was an American TV drama series that ran on ABC for 3 seasons or 69 episodes. Vega$ was produced by Aaron Spelling. The series was mostly filmed in Vegas and
believed to be the first TV series to be produced entirely in the Nevada city.

Actor Robert Urich starred as P.I. Dan Tanna, who drove the Vegas streets in his 1957 Ford Thunderbird solving crimes and keeping the streets safe. Tony Curtis, starred as Phillip Roth, one of Tanna’s chief clients and owner
of multiple hotel casinos. Phyllis Davis played Beatrice Travis, Tanna’s assistant. Greg Morris was Vegas Police Department Lieutenant David Nelson. Naomi Stevens assisted both Tanna and Nelson as police sergeant Bella Archer. Bart Bravemen was Binzer, a college student who assisted Tanna with leg work. The cast was rounded out with Judy Landers, who played another assistant of Tanna’s, Angie.