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Salem’s Lot (Doubleday, 1975)

This 1975 horror fiction novel was written by American author Stephen King. Salem’s Lot was King’s second novel to be published.
Ben Mears returns to his childhood home in Jerusalem’s Lot, Maine to find the residents
of the town have become vampires. King originally called the novel “Second Coming,” but his wife Tabitha convinced him to change it; she felt “Second Coming” sounded too much like a “bad sex story.” He changed it to “Jerusalem’s Lot.” Doubleday felt this title was too religious and they finally settled on the shortened “Salem’s Lot.”

King has said that of all his novels, Salem’s Lot is his favorite. Salem’s Lot was adapted into two TV miniseries (in 1979 and 2004) and a BBC seven-part radio play in 1995. The novel was dedicated to his daughter Naomi.