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Citra (Coca-Cola, 1996)

Citra was a grapefruit-flavored soft drink. Citra was available at the same time as Surge, another citrus-flavored soft drink produced by Coca-Cola. The difference between the two (besides taste) was Surge contained caffeine while Citra did not. Taste-wise, Citra was similar to Fresca, especially the Citra marketed in Latin America. There, Citra was sweetened with sucrose (real sugar), as opposed to aspartame.

In 2004 Citra was re-branded as Fanta Citrus. Fanta Citrus has also since been discontinued, but if you see Fanta Grapefruit, that’s the closest you’ll get to the original Citra. The interesting thing with Citra was it was always marketed as a “citrus flavored” drink, never as grapefruit flavored. What’s with the grapefruit aversion?