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Slice (Pepsi, 1984)

Slice were a line of fruit-flavored soft drinks brought to us from Pepsi. Slice came in the flavors lemon-lime, apple, fruit punch, grape, passionfruit, peach, Mandarin orange, pineapple, strawberry, cherry cola, Cherry Lime and Dr. Slice. All the drinks contained 10% fruit juice.

In 2000 Pepsi introduced Sierra Mist, a new lemon lime soft drink. This went national in 2003 and Slice disappeared. Most of the other fruit flavored Slice drinks were re-branded into Tropicana Twister Soda Flavors in 2005. Dr. Slice can still be found in fountain drink machines. In early 2006 Pepsi came out with a diet soda line called Slice ONE available in orange, grape and berry flavors. Slice ONE flavors were only available at Wal-Mart stores.

In 2009, Slice was available in orange, diet orange, grape, strawberry and peach flavors (still only from Wal-Mart). In India and Pakistan, Slice is a widely available mango flavored soft drink.