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Go-Go Boots (1960s)

Derived from the French expression “a gogo” (which means in abundance or galore). The expression derived from “la gogue” (meaning joy or happiness). Go-Go Boots were created in 1965 by designer Andre Courreges. Go-Go Boots are low-heeled fashion boots that came in calf, knee or above-the-knee lengths. The toes were chiseled, rounded or pointed. The boots were usually fashioned with a side or back zipper closure.

Go-Go Boots were all over 60s TV shows and celebrities. If you weren’t aware before, Nancy Sinatra shoved them in your face in 1966 with her hit, These Boots Are Made for Walkin. Go-Go Boots were often found in movies of the 1960s. By the 70s pant legs expanded and footwear was covered up. To combat that, heels took on gargantuan heights. Go-Go Boots were quickly buried in the backs of closets and lost their name becoming just “boots.”