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Charlotte’s Web (Harper & Brothers, 1952)

Charlotte’s Web is a children’s novel by
American author E.B. White, illustrated by
Garth Williams. It was first published in 1952. Charlotte’s Web tells of a pig, Wilbur, and his friendship with a spider named Charlotte. With Wilbur set for the slaughterhouse, Charlotte writes praise of Wilbur on her web to change
the farmer’s mind.

Charlotte’s Web is a classic in children’s literature. The novel has been adapted into a 1973 animated feature by Hanna Barbera. In 2003 (in the U.S.), Paramount released a direct-to-video sequel. In 2006, a live-action feature was produced, as was a video game. The 2006 film starred Dakota Fanning as Fern and the voice of Julia Roberts as Charlotte.