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Wonder Ball (Nestle)

The Wonder Ball was a type of candy sold in the U.S. that asked the question, “What’s in the Wonder Ball?”

The Wonder Ball was a spherical, thin shell of milk chocolate with candy inside. The Wonder Ball was wrapped in foil, placed in a small box and had a collectible sticker on the box.

Originally the balls were called Nestle Magic Ball and had small Disney figurines in the center, similar to the Kinder Surprise that are sold in Europe and Canada. Nestle Magic Balls were discontinued by the FDA when they were labeled chocking hazards in 1997. In April 2000, the Wonder Ball was re-released with candy in the center. In 2004, Nestle sold the brand to Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company who discontinued the product again.

For American residents, there is no way to import Kinder Surprise into the U.S. The sale and import of any food with “embedded non-nutritive objects” is strictly prohibited.