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Wayne Static (November 4, 1965 – November 1, 2014)

Wayne Richard
Wells was born in Mukegon, Michigan then moved to Shelby, Michigan; to Chicago and out to California.
He received his first (toy) guitar at age 3. At 7, he received his first real guitar. His first real band was at 12 and that’s when he knew for sure that he wanted to stay a musician.

In Chicago in 1987, he founded the band Deep Blue Dream with Billy Corgan. They re-located to California and Static-X was formed. Their first metal album, Wisconsin Death Trip, was released in 1999. Their final album, Cult of Static, was released in 2009. In total, Static-X released 6 albums. In 2011, Static released his first (and only) solo album, Pighammer.

Static was married to former adult film actress Tera Wray (she retired from the business in August 2008) in January 2008. Three days before his 49th birthday, Static died in his sleep. His death was attributed to a drug overdose. His family quickly issued a statement that his death was not drug-related and happened from natural causes.

Static was recognized by his unusual hairstyle. His hair was held up in a vertical position which took him 20 minutes to construct. He was also known for his “chintail” beard.