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EZ Squirt Ketchup (Heinz, 2000)

In 2000, Heinz turned the world of ketchup upside down. The first colored ketchup to roll off the production line was “Blastin Green” to coincide with the release of the movie Shrek. Kids (and moms) were enchanted. Over 25 million bottles of green and purple ketchup were sold netting Heinz 60% of the ketchup market in the U.S. Sales cooled and colored ketchup disappeared in January 2006.

There were other colors available: Stellar Blue, Passion Pink, Awesome Orange and Totally Teal. The problem is the red color of the tomatoes had to be stripped and food coloring added. But flavoring had to be added so they would taste like ketchup, meaning that technically none of these colored ketchups were “tomato” ketchups. (All the colored ketchups were fortified with vitamin C.)