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The “Hairy” 1980s

In the 80s, hair was everything — the more you had and the bigger it was, the better. Big hair and eccentric styles were brought mainstream from film and music stars. It was also the rise of the perm (and if not properly cared for led to frizz which equaled big hair). It wasn’t all about big hair on women either. Men has mullets, mohawks and permed hair themselves, see rockers from the glam metal or heavy metal genre (Whitesnake, Motley Crue and even Bon Jovi).

How did we take care of our hair in the 80s? With tons of hairspray. We didn’t want our hair moving. Bangs were also very in. The popularity of perms led into the crimped look (if you were afraid to go full perm).

The other 80s hair fad? Scrunchies and elastic or fabric headbands were there to add even more style and polish. Hey, you had to have some way to hold back all that hair if you had used up all your hairspray.