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Babes in the Wood (ITV, 1998 – 1999)

Babes in the Wood was a British sitcom that
revolved around three women in their 20s with very different personalities that lived together in an apartment in London. Leigh (Denise van Outen),
Ruth (Samantha Janus) and Caralyn (Natalie
Walter) got into a lot of misadventures. Their neighbor was Charlie (Karl Howman). At the end of season one, Ruth married a millionaire and was replaced with Frankie (Madeleine Curtis).

The show was in production for five years due to the unbroadcast pilot and long casting process. ITV was hoping the show would rival the American sitcom Friends. Unfortunately, it didn’t. Babes in the Wood premiered July 23, 1998 and was last broadcast on September 3, 1999. There were 13 episodes and a Christmas special produced over its two season run.