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Dawn dolls (Topper, 70s)

For a while Dawn dolls sold better than Barbie. Dawn dolls were small fashion dolls that stood 6.5″ high. Topper went out business in 1973 and Dawn dolls were discontinued. Checkerboard re-issued the dolls in 2000 to commemorate Dawn’s 30th anniversary. In 2004 Toy-a-Rama tried another re-issue, but neither company were successful at re-introducing Dawn dolls permanently back into the market. Dawn dolls have become a popular collector’s item.

Dawn is the owner and top model of the Dawn Model Agency. Her best friends are all models for her agency: Angie, Jessica, Dale, Gloria and Longlocks. Gary, Ron and Van are the boyfriends who come to watch their fashion shows.

Dawn dolls had bendable legs and each doll was made by a different mold meaning that each doll had their own distinctive shape. Like Barbie, Dawn had her own car, a flashy blue convertible.