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Sprite Remix (Coca-Cola, 2003)

Sprite Remix were colorless caffeine free variations of Sprite. There were three flavors: Sprite Tropical Remix (tropical fruit flavors), Sprite Berryclear Remix (berry flavors) and Sprite Aruba Jam Remix (fruit flavor). Introduced in 2003 was the Tropical Remix. It was gone before April 2004 when Berryclear Remix came on the market. Berryclear disappeared before Aruba Jam Remix came in April 2005.

Sales for the Tropical Remix went well (5.5 million). But there wasn’t time for consumers to get emotionally involved because it was “here today and gone tomorrow.” But that was exactly the way Sprite wanted it. They were trying to appeal to the youth market and they thought this was the tactic that would most appeal to them: taking something familiar and adding a different spin.