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Monopoly Game Show (ABC, 1990)

Based on the board game, Monopoly was hosted by Mike O’Reilly. It ran from June 16 to September 1, 1990 (or 13 episodes).

Three contestants started on Mediterranean Avenue and moved clockwise through the property color groups. A crossword puzzle-style clue was given. The first player to buzz in with the answer won the value of the property and retained ownership. The first letter of the answer was given to the players and all questions along the “street” started with the same letter.

If more than one contestant owned properties of the same color group, play off questions were given for one player to gain the monopoly.

During the commercial break before the Big Money round, players would purchase their houses or hotels. Dice were rolled and the owner of the property landed on was given a question. Correct answers won the rent value of the property. Play continued until time ran out. At the end of the round, houses and hotels were sold and the contestant with the most money won the game.

In the bonus round the winner attempts to go once around the board in five rolls of the dice while avoiding “Go to Jail” spaces.