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Low-Rise Pants (2000s)

Low-rise pants have existed since the 50s and, in fact, hip-huggers (a precursor to low-riders) were popular during the mid 1960s and eventually adopted by hippies of the late 60s. Hip-huggers were then incorporated into the 70s
disco scene. By the end of
the 70s, bell bottoms rose to prominence and waistlines rose.

During the 1990s, designer Alexander McQueen re-introduced low-rise pants and by the 2000s, pretty much
the entire youth market were sporting low-rise pants.

The rise of pants refer to the distance between the crotch and waistline. Regular rise is about 30 cm (12″). Low-rise come in at about 20 cm (8″). Low-rise pants are specifically designed to sit at least 8 cm (3″) below the belly button.