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You Again? (NBC, 1986-1987)

You Again? was an American sitcom
based on the British series, Home to Roost. Actress Elizabeth Bennett (Enid) played the same role on both series.
Many episodes were based on the British episodes. You Again? aired for two seasons and lasted 26 episodes from February 27, 1986 to March 30, 1987.

Jack Klugman starred as Henry Willows, still bitter about his 10-year-old divorce. Henry had a 16-year-old son Matt
(played by John Stamos) that he hasn’t seen since Matt was six years old. Comfortable is Henry in his life as a supermarket manager until Matt comes to live with him. Enid (Bennett) is the Willows’ housekeeper.

Home to Roost ran for 4 seasons and ended in 1990. You Again? failed to make much of an impression with American audiences. During its run, You Again? bounced around NBC’s primetime schedule, occupying four different time slots during the two season run.