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Pictures of Hollis Woods (Dell Yearling, 2002)

This novel won American author Patricia Reilly Giff (who writes the Polk Street
School series of children’s books) her second Newberry Honor in 2003.

A talented young artist, Hollis Woods, runs away from her foster parents and is placed in the home of Josie Cahill, a retired art teacher. Josie begins to lose her memory to Alzheimer’s, forcing Hollis to take care of Josie.
This prompts Hollis to reminisce about her prior life with the Regans, the only other foster home where she felt loved.

In 2007, the novel was adapted into a Hallmark Hall of Fame TV movie for CBS. The TV adaptation starred Sissy Spacek as Jodie, Jodelle Ferland as Hollis and Alfre Woodard as Edna.