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Bruce Reynolds (September 7, 1931 – February 28, 2013)

Bruce Richard Reynolds was born at Charing Cross Hospital in London, England. Reynolds’ mother died in 1935 when he was 4. His father remarried and young Reynolds found life with
his stepmother too difficult and he chose to
stay with both of his grandmothers.

Reynolds started his life of crime with petty theft, which progressed into breaking and entering and grew to include assault. In the 60s he joined a gang with future best friend Harry Booth and brother-in-law John Daly. In 1962, they stole 62,000 pounds from a security van at Heathrow Airport. In 1963, he masterminded the Great Train Robbery, carried out by 15 men, and netted over 2.6 million pounds (that converts to over 48 million pounds today). After escaping to Canada, he changed his name to Keith Hiller and was apprehended in Torquay on November 9, 1968. He was sentenced to 25 years. In 1978, Reynolds was released.

After his release, he did some trafficking and money laundering for some South London drug gangs and gained a media profile as a “former criminal” figure and acted as a consultant for the film Buster, based on characters and events from The Great Train Robbery.

He died in February 2013 at the age of 81. He was working on a book for the 50th anniversary of The Great Train Robbery.