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Ashanti (Warner Bros,, 1979)

Ashanti was an action adventure
film shot in the Sahara desert, in Kenya, Israel and Sicily. Star
Michael Caine counts this as one of his worst films — and the critics agreed. It was said that both
director Richard Fleischer and American model Beverly Johnson were both removed from the project when the movie was two-thirds
done being filmed.

Dr. David Linderby (Caine) and his wife Anansa (Johnson) are on a medical mission in an African village when Anansa is kidnapped by a
slave trader (Peter Ustinov). David must cross the desert and do whatever it takes to get his wife back. Ashanti also stars Omar Sharif as Prince Hassan, Rex Harrison as Brian Walker, a member of the Anti-Slavery League and William Holden as Jim Sandell, a mercenary helicopter pilot.