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Wuzzles (CBS, 1985-1986)

The Wuzzles was an animated Disney Saturday morning cartoon series. It was broadcast from September 14, 1985 to December 7, 1985. Disney only made 13 episodes. That makes The Wuzzles one of their shortest running animated series.

The Wuzzles live on the Isle of Wuz and were a group of animals genetically cross-bred with a different animal species. All the Wuzzles had wings on their backs, though not all the Wuzzles could fly.

The Wuzzles were featured in children’s books, figurines and plush toys and even a board game. There were additional Wuzzles produced for marketing purposes than were featured in the series. The TV Wuzzles were Bumblelion (a bee/lion), Butterbear (bear/butterfly), Eleroo (elephant/kangaroo), Moosel (moose/seal), Hoppopotamus (rabbit/hippopotamus), Rhinokey (rhinoceros/monkey), Tycoon (tiger/raccoon) and Crocosaur (crocodile/dinosaur).

Despite the show’s success, The Wuzzles wasn’t picked up for a second season and the death knell seemed to be the sudden death of Bill Scott (voice of Moosel).