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Let’s Think About Livin Bob Luman (Warner Bros., 1960)

Robert Luman was born in Texas in 1937. When his baseball career didn’t take off, Luman decided to concentrate on music. His first record deal was with Imperial Records. There, they asked him to change his name (guess they didn’t consider it country enough). He refused and left the label and signed with Warner Brothers.

In 1960, Luman joined the Army. While he was overseas, Warner Bros. released Let’s Think About Livin, a novelty crossover song. It went to #9 on the county chart and #7 on the pop chart. (It also climbed to #3 in Australia.)

After his service ended in 1962, Luman returned to Nashville. He married and joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1956. Touring through the 60s and 70s led Luman to a successful Vegas act. He continued to record and perform until his death. He died in Nashville in December 1978 of pneumonia at the age of 41. He has been inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame and Texas Country Music Hall of Fame.