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UHF (MGM, 1989)

This American comedy film starred “Weird Al” Yankovic, David Bowe,
Fran Drescher, Victoria Jackson, Michael Richards and Anthony Geary. It was dedicated to American character actor Trinidad Silva, who was killed at age 38 in a car accident while he was filming UHF. Due to his death, some of his scenes had to be re-written as Silva hadn’t finished filming all his scenes. UHF was
written by Yankovic and his manager Jay Levey, whom also served as the director.

Yankovic stars as a dreamer who stumbles into managing a low-budget UHF television station. Surprisingly, his programming choices are a hit with the viewers, much to the ire of a major network.

Produced for a modest $5 million, the film made back its money at the box office by raking in over $6 million. Though filmgoers didn’t flock to the theaters to see UHF, the film became a cult hit thanks to home video and now cable.