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French Toast Crunch (General Mills, 1995)

This breakfast cereal was artificially flavored to taste like French toast and looked like mini slices of toast. In 2006, General Mills discontinued the cereal.

Don’t worry if you’re missing it, for American citizens only need to cross the Canadian border. French Toast Crunch is still widely produced and marketed in Canada (in Quebec it’s known as “croque pain dore”). For international citizens, you can order it from online retailers. The cereal is no longer shaped to look like toast, though it retains the taste of French toast.

UPDATE: General Mills just announced that French Toast Crunch will be returning to store shelves. It will be in limited release until January 2015, when it will come back nationwide to the U.S. The reason they gave for the return was that the shipping for U.S. consumers to bring it into the country from Canada was quite costly. Score one for all you French Toast Crunch fans. Congratulations!