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Under the Umbrella Tree (CBC, 1986-1993)

Under the Umbrella Tree was a Canadian TV series produced by the CBC from September 11, 1986 to June 20, 1993. On May 7, 1990 the Disney Channel began airing the series in the U.S.

In a suburb of Ottawa on Spring Street lives Holly (a human woman) who resides with (puppets) Iggy the iguana, Jacob the blue jay and Gloria the gopher. Under the Umbrella Tree was named after the indoor umbrella tree that is in the living room of the house and where Iggy, Gloria and Jacob live.

After production ended in 1993, Under the Umbrella Tree went into syndication until 1997 on the U.S. Disney channel and YTV and Canal Famille in Canada. Over its seven year run, 280 episodes were produced. 270 are 15-minute episodes (the normal running time) and the other 10 were 30-minute specials. Each episode focused on a specific theme — sports, a holiday, exercise, etc.