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Gregory Hines (February 14, 1946 – August 9, 2003)

Born in New York City, Hines began tap dancing at age 2 and was a semi-
professional by age 5!

Around 1975, Hines was the lead singer of the rock band Severance. In 1986, he sang
a duet with Luther Vandross, There’s Nothing Better Than Love, which went to the top of the R&B chart. He then made his movie
debut in Mel Brooks’ History of the World
Part 1
. In 1997, he nabbed his own CBS TV show The Gregory Hines Show. In 1954 (at age 8), Hines made his debut on Broadway (with his brother) in a show called The Girl in Pink Tights. As an actor, singer, dancer and choreographer, Hines was kept busy and was much in demand. Over his career, he won a Tony, an Emmy, two Image awards and many more.

Hines was married twice and had two children — a son and a daughter, a stepdaughter and was fortunate enough to have a grandson before his passing. In 2002, Hines was diagnosed with liver cancer. He only informed his close friends. On August 9, 2003, while en route to an L.A. hospital, Hines succumbed to the cancer. At the time of his death, he was engaged to Negrita Jayde, a Canadian bodybuilding champion, personal trainer, author, actor and businesswoman. Hines was buried in a cemetery in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. In 2009, Jayde succumbed to cancer herself and is buried next to Hines. Hines was 57 when he passed, Jayde was only 51.