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The Adventures of Pluto Nash (Warner Brothers, 2002)

This 2002 American science fiction comedy film was shopped around for an astounding 15 years(!) before it hit the big screen. In fact, the film was
shot in 2000 and sat on the shelf for a further 2 years(!) According to critics and movie-goers, it should have stayed in the dark. Pluto Nash is considered to be one of the biggest box office bombs. With a budget of $100 million, the film only re-couped just over $7 million worldwide. Ouch!

Star Eddie Murphy tried to put a positive spin on things in an interview with Barbara Walters, quipping, “I know the two or three people that liked this movie.” Thank goodness people still rented DVDs in those days; Pluto Nash racked up almost $25 million in rental income. (Probably because people wanted to see for themselves that it really was that bad.)