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Kidz Bop (Razor & Tie)

Kidz Bop are compilation albums featuring kids performing “kid-friendly” versions of current pop hits. The first Kidz Bop album was released October 9, 2001. They are up to Kidz Bop 25 (released January 14, 2014). They’ve also released another 20 albums of holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Valentines), other musical genres (country), greatest hits and special interest (sports jams, car songs) compilation albums.

Since 2010, Kidz Bop have been named Billboard’s number one Kids Album Artist (the pressure is on for this year!). The Kids have never had an album peak at #1, but Kidz Bop 9, 19, 20, 21 and 23 have all peaked at #2. The Kids have been on 4 tours. In January 2012, Kidz Bop launched their own radio show, Kidz Bop Block Party (airs Fridays at 6 pm EST on Channel 78) on SiriusXM Radio. In January 2014, Kidz Bop received their own SiriusXM Radio station, Kidz Bop Radio (channel 77).

Kidz Bop kids are always chosen by auditions.