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Sharkleberry Fin Kool-Aid (1980s)

This was not the first flavor to be retired by Kool-Aid, but it remains one of the most popular. The pink shark mascot really resonated with consumers as did the taste. Kool-Aid aficionados have tried to replicate their discontinued favorites by mixing together existing flavors. Unfortunately for Sharkleberry lovers, they aren’t able to do this. Sharkleberry Fin mixed together strawberry, orange and banana. Kool-Aid does not offer — nor have any flavor combo with banana with it.

You’ll be happy to know that Kool-Aid has listened to you Fin lovers. Sharkleberry Fin has returned to American store shelves. If it’s not in your local markets, you can order it on the web at Kool-Aid World (http://www.koolaid.com). This new re-issue does not feature a pink shark (sorry), just the Kool-Aid Man riding a regular gray shark.